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The Future of Heslington

The future of Heslington

What do you think Heslington will be like in 15 years? Where will people live? What type of developments will there be and where will people work? What will residents do in their spare time?

The way to shape Heslington’s future is by having a Neighbourhood Plan. Over the past few months a working group set up by the Parish Council has been involved in preparing and formally submitting an application for designation of a Neighbourhood Plan Area for Heslington to the City of York Council (CYC).

This application was approved 22 November 2016.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Neighbourhood planning was introduced through the Localism Act 2011 and gives communities the opportunity to shape where they live.

A Neighbourhood Plan will help to establish planning policies about:

  • What new development, if any, should be allowed
  • Where it should take place
  • What it should look like

The Village Design Statement (VDS), produced 10 years ago, performed this function, but now needs to be updated into a Neighbourhood plan which will have more teeth. 

Why Heslington needs a Neighbourhood Plan

Preparing a Neighbourhood Plan means Heslington residents have the opportunity to influence the future development and use of land in the village. Neighbourhood plans establish general planning policies that have to be considered by local authorities when determining planning applications.

The Heslington community can use their Neighbourhood Plan to:

  • choose the location of new homes, shops and businesses
  • influence the design of new buildings
  • have a say on facilities and infrastructure

The government is keen to promote local input into the planning process through the Neighbourhood Plan initiative.  Currently planning applications are assessed against requirements in:

  1. Government planning rules
  2. The Local Plan
  3. The Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan can look at the neighbourhood in more detail than the planning rules and Local Plan and help influence planning decisions. 

Importantly, neighbourhood plans must meet the needs of the wider area. They are not a tool for preventing development. Parishes with neighbourhood plans receive more community infrastructure levy arising from developments in their area than those without.

How Heslington’s Neighbourhood Plan is being prepared

In November 2016, Heslington Parish Council's application to designate the whole Parish as a Neighbourhood Plan are was approved

It will apply to the whole of Heslington Parish.

Who will prepare it and agree it?

Set up by the Parish Council, the members of Heslington Neighbourhood Plan Working group are operating within an agreed set of Terms of Reference. It will be prepared by Heslington residents for Heslington residents. It will be circulated and discussed during the preparation and will only be adopted if, in a parish referendum, a majority vote for it. 

How does it affect the residents?

Once the plan is adopted, we can use it to argue our case if we want to contest or support any development in the Heslington area.  It will be a very powerful tool to help us keep Heslington as we would like it. 

How can I help?

Please contact the Parish Clerk ( if you want to be involved or have any questions.

CYC Approval HPC Neighbourhood Plan

HPC Application to CYC 10th Oct 2016

Approval Granted 22nd November 2016

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