Village and Civil Parish of Heslington, near York, England


September 2021 Heslington Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Heslington Neighbourhood Plan 

As many of you will already know, the Parish Council (HPC) have now withdrawn the Plan because the Independent Examiner deleted 3 of its policies. All 3 deleted policies addressed

issues identified as highly important to residents in the initial survey of February 2017.These policies are:

*Purpose Built Student Accommodation.

*Vehicle and Pedestrian Traffic, into Heslington from surrounding lanes

*Traffic in the conservation Area.

HPC felt it had a duty to try to modify the policies, with the help of a professional consultant, and try to make them viable.

HPC will apply for funding to support this. 

Building on the existing policies, it is our intent to submit, in the shortest possible time, a modified Neighbourhood Plan to the Examiner.

To that end, the Parish Council would welcome involvement from any residents who would like to help in this process.

We hope that members of the original working group will continue their work for Heslington Parish Neighbourhood Plan. 

If you have experience in this area, or not, your input would be very welcome. 

Please contact the Clerk at HeslingtonPC

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