Village and Civil Parish of Heslington, near York, England


The Future of Heslington

What do you think Heslington will be like in 15 years? Where will people live? What type of developments will there be and where will people work? What will residents do in their spare time?

The way to shape Heslington’s future is by having a Neighbourhood Plan.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Neighbourhood Plans are a powerful new way for local people to shape the future planning of their area.

A Neighbourhood Plan gives us the opportunity to create a shared and sustainable vision of how we'd like our Parish to be over the next 15 years; to ensure that new developments or changes fit in and contribute to the well-being of the Parish; and to conserve the village character and sense of belonging that we so value.

A Neighbourhood Plan will help us to manage pressures for change positively, for the good of the community.

It's about making the Parish an even better place, for us and future generations.

Why Heslington needs a Neighbourhood Plan

Preparing a Neighbourhood Plan means Heslington residents have the opportunity to influence the future development and use of land in the village. Neighbourhood plans establish general planning policies that have to be considered by local authorities when determining planning proposals. Without an agreed plan we will have much less say about developments in the Parish.

A Neighbourhood Plan looks in more detail at Heslington Parish than the emerging City of York (CYC) Local Plan and will help influence planning decisions. Whilst Neighbourhood Plans must be consistent with York’s planning policies, our Plan will have its own distinctive local policies, with legal standing. These will be taken into account in future planning matters, such as housing, environment and the use of land.

Our Neighbourhood Plan places policies agreed by the community at the heart of the planning decision-making process.

Whilst limited to future planning issues, the Plan also includes Additional Guidelines on other important local matters. These are valuable in expressing the community's wider views but they do not have the same legal standing as the policies on planning.

How Heslington’s Neighbourhood Plan is being prepared

In November 2016, Heslington Parish Council's application to designate the whole Parish as a Neighbourhood Plan area was approved. Since then the Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan Working Group has carried out a Parish-wide survey and also taken guidance from both CYC Planning Department and professionals specialising in this field.

From this work a Draft Plan for Consultation has been produced and circulated to all residents, businesses and statutory consultees for the Parish.

Once feedback from these stakeholders has been received, the Draft Plan will be updated and finalised. This revised plan will then be submitted to CYC.

CYC will then arrange for a further Formal Consultation with stakeholders.  Following this, the Plan, together with all feedback received by CYC, will to be sent to an Independent Examiner to decide whether the Plan meets all the requirements to go forward to a Referendum of Heslington residents. If there is a majority “Yes” vote, our Neighbourhood Plan will become part of the statutory development plan for Heslington.


Please contact the Parish Clerk ( if you have any questions or to let us know your views.



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